Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last Saturday, Funkshone were featured in session on Craig Charles's Funk & Soul on BBC Radio 6.

Funkshone consist of Mike Bandoni - Producer, writer, arranger , Drums & percussion, Hammond, bass, guitar & anything else lying around that makes a noise that I can get my damn hands on!, Nino Auricchio - Engineer and Co-producer Malachi - educator, suggestor, arranger and true believer in tha FUNK baby! LIVE LINE UP: Mike Bandoni - Tha Drummer! Danny Huckridge - at least 13 basses Prone - Percussion Nino Auricchio - Hammond, synths and other electric creatures Phill Brookes - Guitar Natasha Watts - Vocals..and then some! Alex Fletcher - Trumpet Ryan McCaffrey - Sax & Flute.

Go check out their MySpace and then take a listen to the session on Craig Charles's show.

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