Saturday, February 16, 2008

Michael Dixon

Soul Discovery has turned me on to another artist - Michael Dixon.

You can listen to his music on CD Baby and here is their blurb on him:

Michael Dixon is one most versatile vocalist I've come across in a long time.From 7 octaves high to a baritone bass he has complete control ond special delivery in his approach to a song. Seems to love ballads as a favorite but will also gutwrench out a fast or medium fast song with no problem. Has a way using a combination of highs and lows to accomplish maximum effect. His style is considered R&B Pop, Southern Soul. with a hint of gospel for special effect, trying to reach all ages and boundaries of a people who can appreciate what he trying to get across.Michael is based in Houston Texas hailing from Fort Worth,via Los Angeles for 20 years.Right now he working on his second cd coming soon on CD Baby so be on the look out for that. One other fact Michael Is an independent artist who is in the market for distribution deal so if you hear of someone who's looking for a way to invest some cash e-mail me at and get your finders fee going.It was nice chatting with you also Michael needs someone to start a fan club, so lets help reach the top and God Bless You

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