Sunday, May 04, 2008

News From Playground Recording Studios

Jim Lancaster from Playground Recording Studios has sent me information about some of their new product:

The Wilbur Walton 4 song CD, "Mr RedBud" will be officially released on May 15th. Pre-Release sales are available only at

Wilbur Walton Jnr & Jim Lancaster

NEW Tunes!!.

The Playground Team has inserted 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure on our MySpace page:

CLEAN LIVIN By …..Reuben Howell
Reuben spent a fair amount of time in the Big Easy with bass player and cowriter Al Arthur.. CLEAN LIVIN is a Po-Pa-Ree of many musical genres represented here on the Gulf Coast We miss Reuben!

LADIES MAN By…….. You tell us who this is. We know that Wilbur Walton Jr. recorded this song, but we don't think this is Wilbur. We're pretty sure Buddy Buie had a hand in the writing of this song. (we'll have to look it up in our catalog). Another cut of this song was done by Chuck Reed … Anyway …somebody tell us who this is!

TIT FOR TAT By…. Doris Allen

Another version of this vocal performance is scheduled for release on Soulscape. We have bastardized this version by replacing some of the instruments. The work is not complete as we will add horns…. part of it was recorded in 1984 and part of it in 2007. The additional players are Fred and Cynthia Dummalot, Tom Latenzer and Clayton Lancaster…. from '84 It's John Hall and David Adkins.

BIRMINGHAM JAIL By…. Jay Chevalier

According to Jay and the tape boxes this was record in Vegas in 1965. Now known as Louisiana's Last Rockabilly Jay was performing in Vegas in '65 to SRO crowds. Jay still maintains a couple of bands and will be at "The Stomp" with the Haunted Hearts


David Adkins & Wilbur Walton Jnr

Three Dudes from Birmingham with David and John Rainey Adkins from 1973. We are including this for our Northern Soul friends. We have a 45 release by THE TRUTHS INC on Playground Records scheduled for July. This cut won't be on the 45 but still a danceable UNIT as they say

MIAMI MIAMI …….By Mason Arnold & The Delta Wildcats

This was recorded by the Chief in Jackson, Mississippi in 1980 on some sort of weird record deal. The Wildcats include Chief, Mississippi Bobby Maxwell, Ken Shaw, Jim Dickinson and backing vox include Jewel Bass and Jill Lancaster…. no horns on this… sorry SS… you still might like it…. it Rocks pretty good…

Thanks for listening! PRODUCT is now available at:

Thanks to Jim for the above photos. You can drop over a see a host of photos relating to Playground Recording Studios on their Photobucket pages. Including this great one:

Chuck & Mariann

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