Wednesday, January 30, 2008

00.Soul @ Safari Sam's 15/2/08

00.Soul are a band and came across on MySpace. Thie current line-up is:Steve Armstrong - Bass; Nic Chaffee - Trumpet; Jack Fulks - Flute & Saxophone; Troy Howell - Percusion & Drums; R. Scott - Keyboards; Don Skinner - Guitar; Mike Vasquez - Percussion, Drums, & Vocals and Scott Weaver - Loops & Sounds.

This is their blurb:

With every sold out show and thousands of fans, the word "understatement" is completely appropriate when describing the effect 00Soul has on the indie-music scene. They are a standout in a sea of Pop, Rock and Alternative Acts. With a notorious reputation for the seedy side of life, it's no wonder the Long Beach music scene has embraced this band and made their shows something special for those lucky enough to catch them performing live.

00.Soul get their funk out with a hypnotically solid beat, tasty bass to back it up and a "whole lotta" horn work. Tracks list "Squad Car" aren't short on it's cinematic value. This song plays like a movie, complete with sound effects, campy 70's dialogue and more grunts and groans than Shaft. Their rich blend of jazz, rock and Afro-Cuban rhythms will make a permanent dent in what you use to call "Funk".

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