Friday, January 25, 2008

Fryer in Malmo

Fryer dropped his playlist from his Function gig in Malmo:

Soul Room (not in order some missing)

Soul - Burning Spear (Musicor)
Sonny Harris - The The Vibration (San-El)
Leroy Clofer - Mr. Big Man (Rosemont)
The Emotions - I Love You but I'll Leave You (Twin Stacks)
Big Ella - The Queen (Rush)
World Wonders - Funk Washing Machine (alarm)
Wee (Unreleased) Owl
Chris Columbus - Tighten Up "70"
Essex Iv - My Reaction To You
The Crampton Sisters - Baby Baby
Victoria Williams - Show Some Sign (Verve)
Rock Candy - Alone With No Love (Dontee)
Little Jimmy Edwards - Slappin Some Soul Upon Me (Key-Loc)
Pat Brown - The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad (Seven B)
Tolbert - I Got It (Rojac)
Dolly Gilmore - Sweet Sweet Baby (Dove)
Made In Japan Band - Mareefer (Cenco)
The Mighty Marvelows - Talkin' Bout Ya, Baby (abc)
The Blue Soul - Getting The Corners (Westwood)
Underground Resurection - Reality (Amg)
Claude "baby" Huey - Drifiting (MIOB)

Disco Room (again not in order some missing)

Wizdom - Im So In Love (Drive)
Sylvester - Down Down Down (Fantasty 12")
Sophisticated Ladies - This Aint Really Love (Reflection)
Dutch Robinson - Cant Get Along Without You (UA)
Emanuel Taylor (You Really Got A Hold On Me)
Tony Foxx - Love and Let be loved (blaster LP)
Lo End - Le Beat (New World)
Reuben Wilson - Got To Get Your Own (chess)

Next Night - Febuary 2nd - £4 Easter Sunday Special with Djs Dave Ripolles, Ian Wright, Jason Stirland, Fryer & Gino from 7pm till 3am

All playlists from the night except Joppe's are here:

Great night, thanks again Fryer and Craig!

Upcoming Function dates are:

February 9 with Markus Gora (Hamburg) and Kristoffer Ahl (S)
March 15 with Arthur Fenn + Fredrik (S)
April 19 with Butch and Micke Balkefors (S)

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