Monday, January 21, 2008

Mixed Emotions Gold Of My Life German EMI

Mixed Emotions Gold Of My Life

It never ceases to amaze me what can turn up in the world of record collecting. The above picture sleeve is from a super rare German release of the classic Mixed Emotions cut originally on US Rock-Way.

The above 45 is currently up for auction on Johnny Manship's website.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    My mate found one of those in Belgium a few years ago.

    I told a few people about it at the time (Pete Haigh, Andy Davies and Robbie Grant spring to mind), but nobody knew anything about it.

    I didn't realise it was unissued. I was hoping he'd find another copy for me!

  2. It does make you wonder what else is lurking out there to be found in the future!!!

    Cheers and thanks for dropping by!


  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    so how much did it sell for in the auction..i herd that he withdrew it..there is a lot of talk around the web on this tune.

  4. Anonymous12:15 AM

    GERMAN EMI was not authorized by ROCK-WAY RECORDS to distribute or sell the record in Germany. No royalties were paid to the producers or the record label nor publishing company by EMI. The producer "Elijah Cole" has turned the company over to his son & daughter. The original 45 RPM soundtracks are still available for purchase on Ebay.

    Best Regards


  5. Anonymous4:22 AM

    The American Group Two things in One With Michael Jeffries on vocals produced in 1970 on the Rock Way Label predates the Music City Label which is up for sale on some UK sites. Michael Jeffries was Lead vocalist for Tower of Power and went on to Warner Brothers and currently have video on utube. What information on the selling price for this record can you furnish me.
    Best Regards


  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    What was the first recording by the Two things in One, the group who had Michael Jeffries as the lead singer, I was told that they had a recording on Rock Way records before they ever recorded on the Music City Label. ?

  7. Anonymous6:04 AM

    You can find information about "two things in one" and see photos as well on the drummer of the group " 2 things in 1" myspace site. Marciel Garner ..., he has the songs and photo for sale on his site.

  8. Anonymous9:19 PM

    "Two Things In One" was formed in Richmond, California during the early seventies.

    Three members performed with the Kennedy High School Jazz Band: Marciel Garner, Kevin Burton, and Johnnie Tucker aka "Sargent Tuker".

    Michael Griggs and Michael Jefferies solidified the name "Two Things In One" Jazz and R&B concept.

    KDIA Radio DJ Bob Jones managed the group and later they signed with Music City Records. Their first release "Silly Song" reached number one on the regional charts and their second release "Together Forever", reached the national charts.

    Michael Jeffries went on to sing lead for "Tower Of Power".

    Kevin Burton went on and is now a former member of Frankie Berverly & Maze.

    Johnnie Tucker aka "Sargent Tucker" went on and signed with Macola Records and his first release "Come See Me" reached the international charts. Thus, his stable mates were: Dr. Dre, the now defunct NWA, former member (Ice Cub).

  9. Anonymous11:11 PM

    "Two Things in One" facts, the group started in Richmond, California in the early seventies.
    The original band consisted of: Kevin Burton (keyboards) Marciel Garner (Drums/vocals), Michael Griggs (Guitar/vocals) Johnnie Tucker (Bass/vocals)and Michael Jeffries (Lead vocals).

    Three of the original members: Marciel Garner, Kevin Burton, and Johnnie Tucker, aka "Sargent Tucker" were members of Richmond's Kennedy High School Award Winning Jazz Band.

    The group was named by Marciel and it reflected their style of blending Jazz and R&B music together.

    KDIA Radio DJ Bob Jones managed the group. They signed with Music City Records out of Oakland, California. Their first release, "Silly Song" (written by Burton) became number one on the regional charts, and their second release, "Together Forever"(Written by Griggs) reached the national charts.

    Michael Jeffries went on to become the lead singer for "Tower or Power.

    Johnnie Tucker aka "Sargent Tucker" signed with Macola Records. His first release "Come See Me" charted internationally and his stable mates were: Dr. Dre, the now defunct NWA, (Ice Cube) and the World Wide Wrecking Crew.

    Kevin Burton, later became a member of Frankie Beverly & Maze.