Saturday, November 01, 2008

Soul Discovery 19/10/08

Chestnut Brothers

I was speaking to Mick last night and realised that I hadn't posted up the last show - get it quick before tomorrow!

Archived show is currently available 19.10.08 (209 Radio)

itune Podcast 5.10.08 (209 Radio)

Play-List 19.10.08

The Four Tops “Baby I need your loving” (Motown)
The Four Tops “Where did you go” (Tamla)
The Four Tops “Clip my wings” (Motown)
Reggie Boone “Liv’in life ain’t easy” (Contact Perk)
Extra Rich in Class “Gimme a chance” (Ericeh)
T.P.O.B “Forever” (Promo)
The Chestnut Brothers “Mountain love” (Promo)
Ladeana Michelle “From dollars to dimes” (DM)
Robert Owens “”Show me your face” (Heavenly Creative)
Reggie Boone “Love one other” (Contact Perk)
T.P.O.B “Rub you down” (Promo)
David Brinston “Sometime you win some” (Ecko)
Roy Hightower “Don’t feel sorry for yourself” (CDS Promo)

Play-List from my Special Guest Sean Hampsey
Soul Children “Midnight Sunshine” (Epic)
Chuck Armstrong “How sweet it is” (Sound Stage 7)
Creative Source “You’re to good to me” (Sussex)
Grier Rosey “How I miss you baby” (United Artists)
Little Buster “What can I do” (Bulleye)
Ann Peebles “Give me some credit” (Hi-Memphis)
Bobby McCure “To get what you got” (Hi-Memphis)
McKinley Mitchell “This place ain’t getting no better” (Sanyman)
Little Milton “Man loves two” (Chucker)
Peggy Scott/Jo Jo Benson “I can say no” (Arco)
Aaron Neville “Be so wrong” (Island)
Samuel Ewright “There’s funny going on” (Paramount)
Buddy Causey “There’s away” (Capitol)
Darrow Fletcher “It’s no mistake” (
Friday, Saturday, Sunday “There must be something” (Dig)
Clarence Reid “You knock me out” (Alston)
Sam Dees “Funny”
2001’Black Essence “Change in my life” (JWJ)
Doris Duke “The feeling is right” (Canyon)
Ryan Shaw “I’ am your man” (Sony)
Noel Gourdin “The river” (Sony)
K.Lipsey “Mississippi po’boy”
Steve Cropper “It’s impossible” (Stax)
Carl Thomas “Same thing” (Stax)
Monique Ford “No getting over me” (Hep’me)
Lyre Jenkins “Smile”
Bobby Womack “Runway” (Motown)
Tyrone Davis “You keep me hold on” (Dakar)
William Bell “Somebody gonna get hurt” (Stax)
Gregg Jackson “One for the road” (KYP)

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