Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There's That Beat 9

The new edition of the There' That Beat is due out soon. Here's the blurb on Issue 9:

Unfortunately this issue starts by paying tribute to four of the soul world’s most iconic figures who in the space of a couple of months threw off their mortal coils and passed on. All four of them will need no lengthy introduction to readers of this particular magazine as I’ll guarantee their names are of the household variety as far as readers are concerned. It was felt that their contribution to the music was of such significance that their passing should be recorded within our pages and the legacy of their lives can be found here as we remember, Norman Whitfield, Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, Levi Stubbs and Andrew “Mike” Terry. Gone, but certainly never forgotten.

The Unifics are a group that doesn’t get a lot of dancefloor action, but just put a needle to any one of their records and you’ve got quality soul harmony. Jason takes a look at the entire career of the Unifics past and present, as well as an entire feature about the solo projects of their lead singer, Al Johnson. This is the first time their careers have been documented in great detail.

Lou Johnson is an artist at the top of many soul fans’ list of singers they would love to see perform live. We hope that can happen but until it does, Pete Burns delivers the story of this remarkable vocalist from his early days as a youngster in Brooklyn, NY right through his days working with giants Burt Bacharach and Hal David, his first appearances in Britain on the TV show Ready Steady Go and brings us up to date with Lou’s discography.

The European Soul scene has flourished in the past decade or so producing many events that continue to grow in stature. Lots of soul 45s were released in Continental Europe, many of them in beautifully crafted picture sleeves. We thought it time that we showed this segment of the soul record collecting World in all its glory. There are some great pic sleeves featured and some of the releases beg the questions How? Why? For instance how did Leroy Taylor’s wonderful (but commercially disastrous), Oh Linda end up with a fantastic picture sleeve that could be purchased in Spain for a few pasetas? It’s a fascinating slice of the collectors world that TTB will be returning to, in order to expand the series to include many other countries releases to add to the Spanish and French ones contained in this first look at the subject. This piece was intended to include the Motown releases of the era also but, to make room for the tribute to our four departed heroes it was decided to feature the Motown releases in the next issue.

Our Philadelphia resident Hitsviller Mr. Weldon A McDougall III reports on the latest additions to the city’s Walk of Fame inductees that include a number of “our” favourite people, some of whom have featured within these pages already. Weldon has a habit of getting his camera right at the center of any action and we appreciate him taking the time to contribute.

The 4th Hitsville Soul Weekender took place in Spain in September and we record the frivolities as well as report on some of the music and 45s that saw their spotlight on the club’s Technics this year.

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