Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Carstairs It Really Does Hurt Me Girl

Here are 2 more videos from Ian Levine's archive. This is what he has to say about them:

He Who Picks A Rose by The Carstairs, originally released on the Okeh label, was a cover of the Motown song first cut by Jimmy Ruffin, but initially unreleased, and then released by Edwin Starr. It was a massive Northern Soul monster.

It Really Does Hurt Me Girl was the biggest record EVER at Blackpool Mecca. Back in the day,when there was no internet, we could never locate the group, despite many attempts. In 1998, for the unique one-off Blackpool Mecca reunion, I was just determined to find them, and after four months of searching, I did. Twenty five years after they thought their single had never even been released, they were on stage at Blackpool Mecca, singing it on the Saturday night in front of over a thousand people, in the Highland Room which was only supposed to hold seven hundred. They were moved to tears, especially Cleveland Horne, and founder member Ervin Langley. Tragically, within two years, those two of them had passed away. But at least they got to stand just once in the limelight. It could never ever happen again, it was a one time moment in history, and because of the iconic nature of the record, this footage is priceless beyond belief.

Please drop by Ian Levine's archive which is a remarkable achievemnet because if he hadn't taken the time and effort to video his own productions and more then we would not im many cases have a record of these great artists.

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  1. I shall be using references to this great track in a piece of Visual Art work at Blackpool & Fylde School Of Art & Design for the 'Blackpool Vistas Symposium'.
    The theme is 'Lament for Lost Power'& Re-presenting Blackpool! Thanks to sites like this I can understand now that sense of power an emotion!
    Keep the Faith