Friday, February 01, 2008

Donny Ray New Ecko CD

Donny Ray is back with his latest album You've Got Me for Ecko Records. Mick O'Donnell played a killer track called Just My Luck on his Soul Discovery show.

Here's his bio from Ecko:

Donnie Ray was born in Texarkana, Texas on July 4, 1959 into a musical family that taught him to believe that his talents were a gift from God. By the time Donnie Ray was fifteen, he was performing in his father's band, Aldredge Brothers Band. He learned to play the guitar, and soon after a few lessons, Donnie Ray was not only a singer but an instrumentalist, as well. As with all talented entertainers, Donnie Ray understood the importance of versatility. He not only mastered lead and bass guitars, the keyboard, and drums, Donnie Ray branched out and began writing lyrics for recording studios. Inspired by the Motown Sound artists and such musical legends as Bobby "Blue" Bland, Tyrone Davis, and B. B. King, Donnie Ray has worked with such artists as Millie Jackson, Marvin Sease, and numerous others.

Donnie Ray's first CD, Let's Go Dancing on the Suzy Q label, brought to the spotlight the song, Letter To My Baby, which was a hit. A couple of years later, Suzy Q released Are You Ready For Me. Donnie Ray signed with Ecko Records in 2005 and a few months later, I'll Be Good To You was released. Since 1974, Donnie Ray has only known one major thing, which is music. He has spent his life as an entertainer, and for him, there is no other choice. Always a southerner at heart, Donnie Ray lives in Montgomery, Alabama with his family.

If you want to discover new Southern Soul recordings then the best place to search them out is Blues Critic. Here's what they say about Donnie's new album:

For the third January in a row we are graced with a new Donnie Ray album courtesy of the prodigious Ecko Records. It offers no surprises but that's a good thing! It's just what you're used to. Above avergae upbeat Southern Soul dancers, ballads and a lil' Blues. Actually, as for the latter style, "You're Leaving" is his first stab at Downhome Blues to my memory. In my opinion his voice is too pretty for Blues and is perfect for sugary slowies like "You're My Angel" and "I'm Getting Too Close" or energetic bumpers like "Two Heads Are Better Than One".

Lots of hit potential. In addition to the aforementioned "Two Heads" & "You're Angel" , Ecko writers Raymond Moore and John Ward mine more gold out of that "Booty Scoot"/"Hoochie Dance" formula with "Can You Hoochie Dance?". As a wildcard I'd pick "She's Got My Vote" since it's an election year. (


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    wow!!! I thought that was Willie Clayton singing "let's go dancing and a letter to my baby". Mr Donnie Ray, you just keep singing them songs. I love it. My name is Claire

  2. I cannot wait to listen to this album!