Friday, February 01, 2008

Mose Stovall

Mose Stovall is a new name to me and he is just released an album on Soul 1st Records.

Here his bio from the label:

Mose Stovall, a native of Birmingham began his singing career in church at the age of 12. He has sung for the Birmingham Civic Opera, Birmingham All City Choir, and The State of Alabama Choral Ensemble. He has performed with soul acts such as Willie Clayton and Omar Cunningham.

In 2005, Mose formed his current back-up band called “Pharcyde” and they quickly gained a solid reputation playing clubs in Birmingham and around the Southeast. Mose said he first heard of Soul1st Records in 2005 when he heard their group, DayBreakk! on local radio stations. “I loved the “On & On” record by DayBreakk! and the direction and style of Southern Soul and R&B music the label was producing. I had my manager approach them about a deal and they liked my voice and we’ve been working since the first of this year on my upcoming album,” Stovall said.

Soul1st writer and producer, Winkie Hall, said the album will contain 11 tracks targeted at the Southern Soul/R&B market. The first single is “Groove U Baby”, a sure fire up-tempo track that is radio friendly to both Southern Soul and mainstream R&B stations, Hall said. The track “Blue” has the potential to go mainstream with the right promotion and exposure. Hall said the duo with R&B star, Omar Cunningham called “Party” will be a big hit. “It has all the right ingredients that will make fans dance and bop their heads for sure.” Hall said Cunningham provides background vocals on several tracks and is also featured on the tracks; “Been There Done That”, and “Don’t Stop the Music”. Mose said this is an opportunity he has waited on a long time. “I’ve been close to deals and had broken promises in the past, but I feel like this is my year, with winning the BAMA and now with my first full-length record coming out. The fans, especially the ladies will love what they hear and I can’t wait to get out on the road to promote the album.”

The new record by Mose Stovall is entitled, “Groove U” after the first single. The record will be available for sale at local music stores, on line at and For more information contact Soul1st Records at 205.222.8656 or on line at

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