Friday, February 01, 2008

Soul Discovery 27/1/08

Jeff Floyd
Cambridge 105FM
Sunday 12.00-15.00
Archived show is currently available 27.1.08
Play-list from 27.1.08
David Brinston “Hit and Run”
Jeff Floyd “I found love (on a lonely highway”
Leonard Julien III “What she don’t know”
Mary J Blige “Hello it’s me”
Donnie Ray “I just my luck”
Northwest Gospel Project 2 Heaven’s Door”
Kirk Franklin “Hide me”
Lori Jenaire “Pieces”
Arthur “Where do you run”
Snatch Nelson “La da da”
Bo Jones “Been around the world”
Marzette “Calling you”
Fred Bolton “It must be jelly” (Remix)
Joe Tex “I got cha’”
Tony McKinney “No next time”
The Contours “Makin up”
Bruce Jackson “Doe’s your mother know about me”
Shantel “Love (I don’t need it)
Al Lindsey “So in love”
Lil Jimmie “Hold on”
Arthur “Time for love”
Leonard Julien III “And I love you”
Blessed Event “Honey let’s make up”
Snatch Nelson “Back it up”
Sharon McMahan “When will love come me”
Doris Allen “Let's Walk Down The Street Together”
Al “Coffee” McDaniel “Very special lady”
Mary Gresham “I’ll never let you walk alone”
Walter Woolfman Washington “Please come back to me”
Lawrence Beamen “Alright with me”
Richie Merritt “It’s never to late”
Trudy Lynn “You’re the one”
Patrick Green “Back together again”
Donnie Ray “You're My Angel”
Carl Sims “I’ll go crazy”
Charles ‘Bo’ Grant “The things you do”
Mose Stouall “Sneakin”
Stan Mosley “Bitter with the sweet”
Captivation “Together”
Wendell B “You didn’t have to hurt your boy so much”
Shantel “Arise Time To Shine”

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