Sunday, February 03, 2008

Terry Cummings

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I was recently tipped to Terry Cummings who is a retired NBA veteran who is also a very talented singer.

You can read his full bio on his website:

In addition to basketball, sports commentating, his ministry, music, and philanthropy, in his post as President of Cummings Entertainment Group, a full service entertainment company in operation since 1984, Terry has established a music-publishing library of over 180 songs and master recordings, and is developing concepts and scripts for books, television, and film. Under the CEG banner, he has produced and directed commercial projects for such companies as Pizza Hut and Coca Cola, among others, as well as executive produced videos and a television pilot. CEG has also been the home for his recording endeavors. Currently in talks with record labels, he looks forward to releasing his own project soon.

Terry says this about his music:

Music is in itself a theory, that's why there are so many interpretations of it, but in truth, music is universal in that it heals, it calms, it creates the atmosphere for love, and oh yes, music blows.

It's a noise. A sound that's pure. Like the singing of the birds in the morning. Music counters all hurts and eases the pain. Although for the moment truth is found in this thing called '' music''. The reality is that someone's theory brought to life a view and consciousness that touched someone's heart and change took place. This is music, an expression of pure theory. Theory born of each individuals own expieriences. These are my thoughts on music...........

Drop by his MySpace to listen to his music.

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