Saturday, April 08, 2006

Emanuel Lasky Webisode

It is good to see that one of my heroes has had his recording life written up on Soulful Detroit by Detroit soul music expert Graham Finch.

The webisode is based on an interview with Emanuel and is thorough examination of all his songs and the links to other artists and includes photos, record scans, soundbites plus a discography.

This is one of many webisodes on Soulful Detroit covering Detroit artists, studios, producers etc. So drop by and they also have an excellent and informative forum with some extremely knowledgeable people participating as well the artists and producers occasionally dropping in.

The post is illustrated with one of my all time favourite Detroit records the ultra-soulful "Sweet Lies" whose breaks and shifts of rhythm with the femme and male backing singers singing "Sweet Lies" make this a magical 2 minute and 13 seconds!

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