Friday, April 14, 2006

Skullsnaps Snapped Ten 12

I have already mentioned this 12" in a previous post. However, I only got this on vinyl yesterday and it now seems to be more readliy available in the UK from a number of sources - just do a Google search and you'll find an outlet but don't miss it.

The Audible Doctor has teamed up with the Skullsnaps to create their first authorized edit, taking moments from “It’s a New Day”, “Trespassing”, and “I’m Your Pimp” as well as a few tape bits found in Sam Culley’s closet. What we have is quite a groove - a 70's throwback feel which wouldn't have sounded out of place in blaxploitation film fed through a 21st Century mix-loop. Turn it over and you have the Skullsnaps early 70's "I'm Your Pimp" which is a freaked out psych-Tempatations track. A blistering piece of music which lit up many a Northern Soul dancefloor - a stone classic!!!

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