Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don Adams Watts Happening

Yet another lost killer Euro album from Scottish-born singer Don Adams, but recorded in the Munich scene of the late 60s.

Despite that overseas origin, though, the record's a sock-solid soul effort all the way through -- steeped in modes borrowed from Memphis, but carried off with a slightly different feel, thanks to the presence of a fair bit of jazz musicians on the date! Adams' voice is tremendous -- a gritty, right on the money soul sound -- completely color blind, and beautifully suited to the funky backings in the set. And almost best of all, the songs are mostly original or obscure numbers -- not the sort of re-hashed hits that usually came out on Euro soul sides of the 60s -- but killer new tracks that are steeped in a great sense of sadness and loss. The original album only saw the light of day briefly -- as a project done by producer Hans Wewerka, licensed to Sunset for a very short time -- and this reissue brings in a few previously unissued tracks, one of which is an original instrumental by trumpeter Dusko Goykovich, who's also on the main album as well. Titles include "Where Are We Bound", "Yesterday Hero", "I Can't Stand Living Without Her", "Rest My Soul", "That Feeling Is Gone", "Don't Talk To Me", "Soap Bubbles", "Look Into A Mirror", "What Have You Done", and "Every Minute Every Hour".

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