Monday, August 03, 2009

Jimmy Radcliffe Treat Me Good

Yet another gem posted by Chris Radcliffe - this time featuring his Dad's wonderful voice.

Un-issued Soul-Jazz Original of the Radcliffe-Scott song covered by Both Julie London and Lu Elliot In 1967 and By Irene Reid on her "Two Of Us" LP (1976).
Jimmy reveals his jazzier vocals, a little known side to his Northern Soul fans, on this one co-written, arranged, conducted and produced for the first planned LP "Sit Down Sunshine". Although the project, as of yet remains unreleased, you get a sense of the versatility of his artistry not only as a singer-songwriter, producer-arranger-conductor but some idea of what his conceptual plans were for his debut album... Soul, Jazz, Blues, Calypso and whatever else was on his palate at that moment of creativity. This was originally conceived during the Pat Lundy Sessions, at Columbia Records, but was put on hold until he could further develope the directions of his take on the song.

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