Monday, August 03, 2009

Vinyl Philly-Tribute to Cameo-Parkway

I received the message below from Mark Matlock - can anyone help Mark with his query?

I have been collecting the Cameo-Parkway 78 rpm 10" singles that were released in the Philippines for several years between 1962-65; as you know, Cameo-Parkway Records product were obviously huge sellers in Asia, which still continued to press the 78 rpm format long after it ended in the U.S. between 1958-60---well before The Dovells came on the national scene.

The Cameo-Parkway "late 78s" from my collection have been featured on the Vinyl Philly-Tribute to Cameo-Parkway webpage:

However, in all my years of collecting, I have not run across any of the The Dovells or Len Barry 78s; do we know how many, what titles were indeed actually made? The Dovells-Parkway 78s as well as Len Barry-Cameo and Parkway 78s more than likely do exist---if Dyna Products could make 78s on 1-shot groups like The Persians and The Pee Wees (both label scans featued at the website above) then there has to be several 78s pressed on The Dovells, as well as maybe at least 1 on Len Barry.

The biggest Cameo-Parkway artist in Asia was apparently Dee-Dee Sharp, as I have no less than 10 of her Cameo 78s pressed by Dyna Products alone.

For the complete Cameo-Parkway-Dyna 78 rpm story, please find this my various entries posted in the guestbook section of the website above.

All The Dovells and Len Barry 78 rpm


Mark Matlock
Andromeda International Records

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