Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shiptown Records

Standing in the shadows of his father Mr. Noah H.Biggs' ("the Original Mr. Biggs") is son Mr. Howard ReNardo Biggs (Mr. Biggs 2) of Shiptown/HowBig Records. Home of the Church St. and Northern Soul Sound! Featuring: Barbara Stant", Ida Sands", the Soul Duo", the Positive Sounds",Wilson Williams", the Dream Team", the Idets", the Showmen", the Grooms" and more......

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  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    great stuff
    glad to hear they're back in business!

  2. Hey man my name is Daryl Williams I'm in Va grandpa Biggs your dad was my great grandfather r.I.p. I wish I could've talk too him more to know more about my family history but I was too young he pass when I was 4 or so but I would like too know more.all I remember he appear to be tall and about business. I like his car too I think its was a Lincoln . I use dream of driving dat car at da old house out Norfolk in barad park. Contact me on Facebook at cp757southside@yahoo.com