Saturday, February 02, 2008

Harold McKinney Live At The SereNgeti

Great to see this get released!!!:

A really great recent concert from this legend of the Detroit Tribe Records scene of the 70s -- a set that's got an incredible depth of imagination and soul, almost as much as Harold McKinney's work of years back! The group here is a wonderfully hip one -- with former Tribe artists Wendell Harrison on tenor and clarinet and Marcus Belgrave on trumpet -- plus additional players who include Kiane Zawadi on trombone, Reggie Workman on bass, Francisco Mora on percussion, and Jimmy Owens on trumpet. There's a bit of vocals on the record, but never that much -- and most tracks are long and open -- freely exploratory, but never too far out or avant-styled -- just soulful and spiritual, in the true Tribe Records tradition! Titles include "Wide & Blue", "Like What Is This", "Waltz For Ima", "Juba", "Libra Ahora", and "Conjure Man". Dusty Groove

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  1. Hi -- I loved your comments on Harold's live recording concert. He had worked very hard assembling the music for the concert.

    I am his widow, Michelle McKinney. I along with his daughter Gayelynn, his nephew Carlos McKinney, his first wife Gwen, and perhaps his brother Kiane Zawadi will perform a tribute concert for Harold McKinney at the 2009 Detroit Jazz Festival in September. Look for McKinfolk band. I wrote some words to Harold's song "Wide and Blue," which seems to be a favorite around Detroit nowadays -- I believe it's become a classic. Hope to see Harold McKinney lovers there. Michelle McKinney