Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fred Bridges Story

One of my favourite sites on the Net is Soulful Detroit because of their documention of the city's music heritage and the informative forum. Hats off to David Meikle and Lowell Boileau who run the site.

Soulful Detroit's latest "web episode" is the Fred Bridges Story. Fred was part of the Brothers Of Soul who produced some beautiful harmonic soul in late 60's. One of my favourites is the mid tempo gem Dream backed by the ballad Candy and there is even a photo of this recording session in the "web episode".

You can find the site at the following address:


The best way to enjoy the Brothers Of Soul music is to pick up the Collectables CD I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser which contains their monster I'd Be Grateful which often gets plays on the UK rare soul scene.

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