Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mis-filing 45's

A few years back, I decided to ask my eldest son to re-file all my 45's because they were in a mess. He agreed as long as I paid him and though he did do an excellent job he also unfortunately mis-filed some such as the above 45. Actually, all 3 of my Magnificent Opinions records disappeared during the filing only to re-appear today when I was looking for a Valentinos 45!!

I know nothing about the Magnificent Opinions who I presume are a Ohio based outfit nor have I ever seen the album referred to on the label. I picked up the 3 45's on the the wonderfully named Skippyophonic label in the early 90's from Rod Dealove over at Voices From The Shadows. I am sure he reviewed them in his excellent but now defunct magazine Voices.

There is now an excellent website on Ohio Soul:-

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