Monday, September 26, 2005

Little Beaver I Feel My Love Octavia

Little Beaver's I Feel My Love Coming Down may not be as rare as his Saadia cut Do Right Man but this side really cooks. On the same Miami label that gave us Ella Washington and Johnny Larand. A crashing roll of drums and a bank of horns kick off the side with a repetitive bass riff before it picks up pace as it heads to the chorus. Little Beaver sounds a lot rougher than his later Cat sides. Love the way the track builds up after a Tex Mex type horn break and a pure JB scream before the end over a lovely building horns and frantic drumming.

These Miami/Florida funk cuts have become more collectable over the years and its good to see the proliferation of blogs and sites dedicated to funk.

Try these out for size:-

The ultimate site and a great starting point for anyone interested in funk with some awesome RA's provided by many collectors.

Another fave is Matt Weingarden's site

Some great listening treats here as his radio shows are archived

An inspirational blog for me and made me want one was seeing Funk & Soul with some excellent posts from several contributors:

A book that is worth searching out is Jeff Lemlich's Savage Lost which has several chapters on Florida soul and funk.

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