Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back From New Jersey

Sunset over the Clef Club in Philadelphia afer a soulful afternoon in the company of Kenny Gamble, Weldon McDougal & The Larks, Billy Paul, Winfield Parker, The Orlons, The Tymes, Shirley Slaughter and plus many guest artists hosted by Don Gardner

I have been back a couple of days from the 2nd US Soul Trip based in New Jersey. I intend over the next days and weeks to post up something about all the artists I met during my stay. Please drop by because there will be posts on Laura Lee, Weldon Mc Dougal, Freddie Scott, Persuaders, Kenny Hamber, Chris Bartley, Soul Generation, Escorts, Jay Proctor and many more.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Hi Colin,

    I'd be glad to hear more news from Laura Lee and Freddie Scott.I saw Laura at the Blues Estafette,it was a lifetime dream came true.Is there any chance for her to come back to Europe?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Stefan

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that a promoter will pick up on Laura and bring her to the UK.Please drop over to my Laura Lee blog - I will be writing up the trip there asap.

    I did interview Freddie in depth a few years ago - I will post it up on the blog asap.



  3. Anonymous12:57 AM

    That would be nice,thank you.By the way I'm NOT stefan!

    See You Later,


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  5. Looking forward to your posts about the NJ trip Colin. Hope you got lots of good phots. Keep up the scribbling Mate, we're reading. Nice to meet you at last.


    Dave Moore

  6. Hi Dave

    Thanks for dropping by! It was good to meet you and put a face to a website!!!! I have joined your forum and will be posting soon - I have put a link from my blog. I'll also run a feature asap on the site.

    I have started doing some interviews to go with the NJ features and will start posting asap!!!

    Good luck with the new magazine!!!