Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday 29th 2nd US Soul Trip Sports Edition Bar East Brunswick Hilton

Ali & John Nightingale in the Sports Edition Bar East Brunswick Hilton April 2006
I have plenty of fond memories of the 2nd Soul Trip. The first I am sharing is the music after the Record Fair on the Sunday. I had been out for a meal in East Brunswick with my wife Barbara to chill out after searching through 1000's of 45's before going down to the bar to catch a set by my 2 friends Ali and John Nightingale. It was a perfect set to chill to and I stood their mesmerised by the fine music which I have detailed below.

This is just a flavour of the week where music brings people together. Meeting up with Ali and John was a joy as we shared in the music.

Sunday 29th 2nd US Soul Trip Sports Edition Bar East Brunswick Hilton

Milton Wright – The Silence That You Keep – Alston
Sandra Wright – I Come Running Back – Demon LP
Darius – Hello Stranger – Chartmaker
Peggy Gaines – When The Boy That You Love, Is Loving You – Kent (Unreleased Renfro)
Bobby Taylor – Don’t Be Afraid – Gordy LP
Hesitations – Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (You Bet It Is) – GWP
Masterpiece – Love Affair – YPSI
Jimmy Beaumont & The Skyliners – Our Day Is Here – Drive
Gene Chandler – Without You Here – Curtom
The Teques – Don’t Push My Love Cup – Gary
Alice Clark – Never Did I Stop Loving You – Mainstream LP
Darrow Fletcher – It’s No Mistake – Crossover
JR Bailey – Love Won’t Wear Off – Calla
Almeta Latimore – These Memories – Mainstream
Essex IV – My Reaction To You – Windmill
Chuck Jackson – Take Off Your Make-Up – ABC
Barbara Mason – You’d Better Stop It – Arctic
Ronnie McNier – My Baby – Setting Sun
The Directions – She’ll Never Say It – Brunswick LP
Four Real Inc – The Man (Masterplan) – Flying Eagles
Odyssey – Battened Ships – Mowest LP
The Mist – Life Walked Out – Twinight
Larry Davis & The Marvels – The Magic Is Gone – Decca
Benny Harper – My Prayer – Harper Soul
Ellipsis – People – Briarmeade
5 Degrees Farenheit – Just Let Your Heart Be Your Guide – Abet
Norwood Long – I’d Like To Have You – Groovey Grooves
Laura Lee – (If You Want To Try Love Again) Remember Me – Hot Wax
TSU Toronadoes – Please Heart, Don’t Break – Rampart St
Norris Vines & The Luv Lines – Give In – Smile 77 Dynamite
The Three Prophets – I Think I Really Love You – Together
Wee – Try Me – Owl
Marden Hill – Harlem River Drive – DeLancy Street LP
Sy Hightower – I Know That You’re Leaving Me – Carmen
The Ascots – Just A Few Feet From The Gutter – American Playboy
Florence Miller – The Groove I’m In – P&P
Nightchill – Hop Skip And A Jump – Tra-Sand
Percy & Them – Look In The Mirror Of My Eyes – Roulette
Natural Sounds – I Need Love – Masterfonics Acetate (Broedsjoe Dubplate)
Earthchild – It’s Our Day – Marjon
Frankie Zhivago Young – Somebody Stole My Love – Ultra
AJ Brown – Making Love Together – Maestro Music


  1. Hi Colin,
    It was nice to meet you last weekend at the Soul Trip in New Jersey. Didn't we have a blast? Everyone on my end is still buzzing about it.
    I wish there was a party like this every weekend.
    Can't wait until the next one comes around in Chicago and Detroit.

    Marc Taylor
    "A Touch of Classic Soul: The Music You Love from Back in the Day"

  2. Hi Marc

    Thanks for dropping by - it was a ball and it was great to meet you even if it was all too short!!! I have just been saying to someone "why didn't I do this etc in NJ" - simply not enough time!!!!

    I am so pleased that the Americans who attended had a ball - we are so grateful to everyone who turned up and made it such a memorable event - thank you!!!!!

    See you in Chicago & Detroit!!!


  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Hello Colin,

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Hey Colin,
    Great wasn't it, we had an absolute ball and thoroughly enjoyed DJing on the Sunday in the sports bar. By the way the site is really looking good.

    Looking forward to Chi-Town in a couple of years.


    John & Ali x