Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In The Basement Issue 42 May-July 2006

While I was away in New Jersey, the latest issue of In The Basement was published. This issue is another jam-packed edition with main articles on Tommy Hunt, Chris Clark, Larry Sanders, Spanky Wilson and Darrow Fletcher plus all the usual reviews, news and columns.

The article on Chris Clark and Darrow Fletcher are timely because they are both due in the UK over the Summer to perform at Northampton and Cleethorpes respectively. It was interesting that many artists at the US Soul Trip held Tommy Hunt in high esteem and Dave has done this UK resident proud with an in-depth feature. The highlight for me in this issue has to be the Larry Sanders interview conducted by 2 friends Hans and Harry of Fingerpoppin' Soul fame. Larry has always been one of my real soul heroes so it is good to able to hear the stories behind the songs.

It was pleasing to hear so many people say in New Jersey how highly they regard In The Basement and the sterling work done by Dave Cole.

I would also like to say thanks to all the people who passed kind comments on my contributions to In The Basement - and yes I hope to be back one day with Dave's blessing!!!

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