Friday, July 14, 2006

Jimmy "Preacher" Robins

Some of you may recall that I featured Adam Gussow's Mr Satan's Apprentice in a previous post. While I was reading the book I came across a reference to Jimmy Robins who ranks as one of my biggest soul heroes. Adam Gussow said that Jimmy worked regular gigs in New York so I thought "I wonder whether he is still performing?"

I did a quick Google and to my surprise my hunch paid off - I found a number for him and before too long was talking to him.

You will be able to find out all about him and and what he is currently up to in a subsequent post. He was a warm and friendly person who directed me to a few places to find his music which I didn't know exist such as his recordings for Combo as Robbin Ray, his gospel recording s in the 50's, a 45 as Patricia & Jimmy on ALA and recordings with Big Joe Turner for Pablo in the 70's.

I have featured the above 45 especially for him to see because it is one of the few sides he doesn't have and he was keen to see and hear it again - Hi Jimmy!!!!!

The Convoy side is an early 70's deep side with Jimmy's unmistakeable hard as grit vocals over an organ backdrop with heavy gospel tones. A great self-penned story line of how he has been abused by his lover!!! This is one of the best deep sides you are ever likely to hear!!!

Watch out for more on Jimmy soon!!!!

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  1. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Hi I AM Jimmy"Preacher" Robins. Wirte me at my email address Check my website at

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    HI there, my name is Adam Rafferty. I was Preacher's guitarist (one of many) in 1992 for about 8 months straight. I heard last night from a friend that he passed away, and I am trying to figure out if that is true. Today is 4/24/08 and apparently he passed away a few months ago.

  3. Hi Adam

    Unfortunately, the news you had was correct - Jimmy died on 24/12/07. I only found out after checking when I received your comment.

    Very sad - top man!!!!

    I have written a brief post here:

    Thanks for dropping by and take care


  4. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I hope someone reads this. The Preacher was/is my good friend. We befriended one another about ten years before he passed. I am a white fellow. When the Preacher and I would go out he would always introduce me as his brother. He became part of my extended family. When my birthday would come up, Preacher would go out of his way to play for me. That was so special.

    God Bless you Preacher. I discovered God by you playing the B3 organ. I love you.

    Your brother,

    Ron McKechnie

  5. I see this blog is fairly old however I did want to say I am the youngest daughter of Jimmy Robins. I no longer reside in New York so I was attempting to google updtes on my dad when I stubbled upon this. I warms my heart to see my dad had so many close friends and admirers. Anyway, I would love to hear more from any of his friends and fans my facebook is cheraye robins and my email is Thank you and God Bless!