Friday, July 14, 2006

More Richard Poindexter

Posted by PicasaBack with another Richard Poindexter written song which I accidently stumbled on while scouring Ebay. I was intrigued by the writing credits plus you know before you hear the song that with George Kerr and Richart Tee on board then you are in for a treat. The sound clip on the "buy now" confirmed what I anticipated!

When I got the 45 and heard the vocal more clearly I immediatedly thought it sounded like Richard himself - I still need to confirm that with him. Both sides are Motownesque dancers circa late 60's with a sound like The Four Tops meets The Originals which is no bad thing but they are distinctive enough to stand up by themselves. The more I play them the more I like the catchy light production.

The Soul Train label is out of Baltimore which we sometimes forget was quite a soulful place back in the 60's. Kenny Hamber who I also met in New Jersey filled me in on a lot of things about his home town music scene.

By coincidence, after ordering the 45, I read a review of the 45 in the latest issue of Soul Up North by Shirley Stewart. Interestingly, she also featured a second 45 on the Soul Train label by a group called The Collection And The Civics though Richard was not on the writing credits this time.

I will ask Richard and Kenny whether they can shed any further light on the releases and the label.

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  1. I will check further, but I think the Richard Poindexter on this label as writer is my brother, currently singing with "The Ultimate Persuaders Featuring Richard Poindexter." He wrote the music and lyrics, along with my other brother, Robert E. Poindexter, for "Hypnotized" and "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" along with many, many other songs. I will share this information with them to see if this article refers to them. Some more recent artists have gone back to the sixties and are using my brothers' music, I am proud to say. Thanks for the info, and best of luck with your website.