Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shirley Slaughter Part 1

Weldon and Shirley Courtesy Weldon McDougal 111

Publicity Photo Courtesy Of Weldon McDougal 111
One of the highlights of my recent trip to Philadelphia was the afternoon of soul organised by my friend Weldon McDougal 111 at the Clef Club which I have featured on the blog in a previous post.

One of the moments which will stick in my mind was the UK soul fans response to Shirley Slaughter's solo performance of "I'm Telling You" a song from the Dream Girls musical. She literally tore the roof off the Clef Club and the crowd went wild. This came after Weldon conjured up a real treat by putting together a killer version of the old Four Larks track "I Still Love You (From The Bottom Of My Heart)". Weldon and Shirley were joined by former Four Larks member Earl Oxidine on the new version of the old song which completely updates the tune giving it a beat for today.
Shirley has a vocal power which is scary!!! Once she winds herself up it is difficult to believe where the power is coming from but it is a power which inspires and leaves you in awe. She took her moment and the clamour after the show for her picture and autograph demonstrated the devastating effect she has on audiences.

I stole a chance in the packed corridors of the Clef Club to have a brief word with Shirley and Weldon. They told me that they had been working on a number of songs for a CD which they hoped to release in the near future.

When I got back to the UK, Weldon kindly put me in touch with Shirley and she told me more about her love of music and her aspirations which I will feature in Part 2 to follow soon The next post will also include a run down of all those songs which Shirley and Weldon have been working on!!!!!!

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  1. Shirley is truly an awesome vocalist, having witnessed her performance at The Clef Club and the reaction she recieved from, not only the 250 plus British Northern contingent on The SoulTrip
    tour but the American fans and artists who crammed the Club. Who
    in harmony joined together to give this lady a standing ovation will
    forever live long in the memory.
    The album Shirley and Weldon are
    working on has contributions from
    Bobby " Guitar " Bennet, Dave Appel ( Cameo Parkway, fame )etc.
    Before the year is out I guaraentee the name of Shirley Slaughter will be on every lover of "Soul Music`s " lips.
    It really does make a refreshing change to embrace a singer that
    has the vocal skills to really grab your attention with a power
    and warmth, that has been somewhat missing of late within the industry. Keep your musical ears open for what promises to be ,I belive a " Showcase" release sometime in September this year.
    John Carrier.