Monday, November 02, 2009

The Green Brothers Interview on Soul Express

There are so many amazing and almost unbelievable turns and coincidences in the production of the Green Brothers’ recent CD called Soulsville that it’s almost like divine providence, and when those twists of fate are entwined with music that you thought nobody makes anymore you know you’re dealing with a precious gem.

The two Green brothers, Bobby and Al, have a fifty-year musical history to share. Robert L. Green (Bobby) was born on August in 1943 in Fort Pierce, Florida, and Aaron Alexander Green (Al) was born on January 16 in 1946 in the same city. Bobby: “Our father was a pastor in Orlando, Florida, and minister of The Church of the living God. His name was Rev. Willie Green Sr. My biological mother died, when my brother Al was one year and six months old. Her name was Maggie Wright Green. My stepmother, Catherine Green, who was an evangelist, raised us. My biological mother Maggie played guitar with a bottleneck and sang too in church. My stepmother, who God blessed us with, sang and preached in the church.”
Read the full interview by Heikki Suosalo on Soul Express

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