Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lloyd Miller A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz

An incredible anthology of some of the best ever material from 60s & 70s exotica jazz genius Lloyd Miller -- a Lifetime In Oriental Jazz from the well travelled American jazzman -- put together by unrivaled rare groove diggers at Jazzman! Lloyd Miller is a multi instrumentalist and an ethno-musicologist, but there's nothing dryly academic about his work -- creating fantastic Eastern tinged jazz and privately pressing the recordings in the 60s & 70s and well beyond -- working with stringed and percussion instruments from Asia and else where in combos that combined these sounds with hard grooving west coast jazz, melding the influences impeccably and with an audible passion. This compilation is as great of an overview of his work as we could hope for, including recordings made with Press Keys Quartet, Jef Gilson Septet, his own trio and more -- largely recorded in his time in Paris and Utah. CD version has 14 tracks, including a couple of excellent later recordings from the mid 00s: "Gole-E Gandom (Wheat Flowers)", "Gozel Guzler (Amber Eyes)", "Bizz-Aire", "Indo-European Improvisations", "Hue Wail", "Chant Inca", "Khamaj", "Impressions Of Bhairavi Raga", "Shur Thing" and more. Dusty Groove

Great to see this get a release. I highly recommend Lloyd Miller's work which I was originally turned onto by the Jazzman collection Spiritual Jazz. Dr Miller dropped by the blog last year and sent me all his material which was wonderful.

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