Monday, January 08, 2007

David Ruffin Statue Of A Fool

There have been a number of clips of the Temptations on You Tube for sometime but now clips of David Ruffin are appearing.

He has long been one of my all time favourite singers and I will treasure the one and only time I saw him perform in the UK on his final tour with Eddie Kendricks, Dennis Edwards, David Sea and Nate Evans. He was taken from us within weeks of his return to the US after the tour.


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Wow! I never knew David Ruffin continued to pursue a singing career after his break with The Temptations. Oh, how my heart broke upon hearing the news of his departure from the group. Being that I was a teenager at the time, I sort of lost track of his career as I matured. In my adult life hearing the news of his tragic death nearly floored me--one week in the morgue before his body was identified. Such a waste of talent. Thanks for sharing this with one of his and Eddie Kendrick's fan.

  2. Anonymous5:22 AM

    The man had some voice.

    It's a shame he was such a mess.

    Felt really bad when I'd heard he'd died.

    Terry C