Monday, January 22, 2007

Soul Britannia UK TV BBC4 Programme In Feb 2007

The BBC are embarking on a new 3 part series on BBC4 called Soul Britannia starting in February. Soul Britannia is a major new music series that examines the dynamic impact of black American and Caribbean sounds on British music - and on the very fabric of our society. Moving from the 1950s to the sounds of today, Soul Britannia investigates vinyl obsessions, Soul dancing, imitation, innovation - and much more.

You can read more details on BBC4's website but here is a short synopsis of each programme:

I FEEL GOOD: Friday Feb 2nd, 9pm

With soul as its guiding light, the first film tracks the extraordinary musical changes that post-war Britain experienced. After the staid, uptight 1950s, the UK blossomed into an all-night, neon-lit soul-athon. From groovy Soho basements to "Ready Steady Go" TV specials, the music rocked the nation through the 1960s...

SOUL REBELS: Friday Feb 9th, 9pm

The second film in the Soul Britannia series moves from the heady go-go nights of the Sixties to the more complex racial and musical times of the Seventies and Eighties...

EPISODE 3: Friday Feb 16th, 9pm

Soul was in a state of flux in the mid-1980s. British pop-soul was certainly growing into a global force...

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