Friday, January 19, 2007

Robert Penn Somebody's Baby Spectrum X

Robert Penn 1985

While I was looking at the Shakedown Blues website, I came across 3 gigs by Robert Penn which unfortunately had slipped by me.

I first came across him back in 1985, when I picked up his "Mightier Than The Sword" Spectrum X album which was recorded in Lansing Michigan and featured the late Rudy Robinson on keyboards. I rated it as one of my favourite blues albums of 1985 with his excellent guitar work and raw vocals. The track I have chosen I feel best illustrates his voice though he did include original songs on the album but his cover of the Hayes and Porter classic did it for me.

I have just picked up a number for him so perhaps I can catch the man and get back to you later!


  1. Funky! Well, not literally but I really am in love with the blues. Great track and it's a great blog you have here my friend!

  2. Hi James

    Thanks for dropping by - good luck with your blog!!!

    I will try and post up some more blues in future!!!