Tuesday, January 30, 2007

William Cummings Make My Love A Hurting Thing Bang Bang

William Cummings Make My Love A Hurting Thing

Back in 1976, I was beginning to search out different types of dance sounds to the ones I'd started collecting when I first fell in love with Northern Soul music.

One of those 45s I picked up then was William Cummings "Make My Love A Hurting Thing" on Bang Bang Records. At the time, it was a cheap sound which cost me less than a £1. I thought it was good but others sniffed at it and eventually it went to the back of the boxes. Then it got forgotten about and was eventually moved on over time. Several years ago, I was listening to the the radio and a DJ played it and raved over it and I began to see it appearing on wants lists. Eventually, I found a battered old tape with it on and played it to death and regretted selling it - as you do!!

Recently, I was looking for another Virginia 45 when I fell upon a set of 3 CDs called Ol' Virginia Soul and the William Cummings track was on Volume 2. These CDs are well worth picking up for the host of music and excellent liner notes with photos. Unfortunately, there is little detail about William but I did find out that the backing track was by Zeke and the Soul Setters who are also featured on the CDs.

You can find the CDs on CD Baby or Amazon.

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