Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fabulous Dinos Where Have You Been Musicor

Back to the Christmas presents!!!! As I said before "how does Barb know what to buy!!" This one was from an E-friend in Germany.

I have mentioned the Fabulous Dinos in relation to Bobby Dixon in a previous post but I am unsure whether he was in the group at this stage? It certainly hasn't him on lead vocal. I would love Brian Poust with his contacts to do a definitive Fabulous Dinos feature on his Georgia Soul blog. There is a definitive Nashville connection on the Musicor 45 with Russell and Cason being involved. Though I would have thought it was recorded in the group's base Atlanta. Musicor did pick up a Lee Moses side which has Atlanta connections so they must have had contacts in the city. The main connection to Atlanta from the label credits is Bill Lowery who was music entrepeneur based in the city.


  1. I believe that the lead vocal on this one was James Henry Walker. Rickey Andrews had told me that the group remained in tact from their High School days until their split in 1969 I'll look further into this, however.

  2. Hi Brian

    Thanks for confirming the lead vocal - much smoother than Bobby Dixon.



  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Back in the sixties when I was a kid, I had a 45 entitled "Bad Girl", by the Fabulous Dinos. It was an awesome recording, and I would love to find a copy of it. I am not sure that this is the same Fabulous Dinos that you speak about. I was under the impression the the group I am speaking of was from Ohio, but I am not sure. Please help me straighten out this dilemna, and pserhaps find a copy of "Bad Girl". Thank you! Don Hanson

    1. Hi Don - I think they are the same group as Bobby Dixon (aka Bobby Lee Fears) is featured on lead vocals. The group name spelling on the 'Bad Girl' single is the Fabulous Denos best Greg

  4. No one ever mentions Hezekiah Sheffield. He was one of the original members. He was.actually the one who introduced uncle Bobby to.the group. Just wanted my grandfather's name to be mentioned,and if anyone knows anything else about them or have any information on any of the other members,please contact me at