Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gorgeous George Now I Believe Neptune

I am presuming the above is the first or one of the first releases by the same Gorgeous George who recorded for Stax, Peachtree and Homark. This track as you can hear is very early 60's and is that Freddie Scott on writing credits? George wrote the B-side ballad "Will You Love Me".

I wish someone would make a documentary on all the soul music which emanated from the Brill Building on 1650 Broadway. In future posts, I will return to examples of soul 45s from the Brill Building.

I don't know much about Gorgeous George whose real name was Theodopholous Odell George who was actually a MC on the R&B circuit in the 60's and apparently had a hilarious act! According to Rob Bowman's notes for the first box set of Stax 45s, he had been a valet for Hank Ballard and used to make all his own clothes.

In the past, William Bell told me in 2002 that George was still activate and Jimmy Church confirmed that when I met him in 2003. I cannot recall anyone actually interviewing him but I may be mistaken.

The Neptune 45 has never been out on CD as far as I know and the Stax killer deep soul side "Biggest Fool In Town" is on the first box set and has a ppeared on a bootleg CD as well. Grapevine Records in the UK released 2 Peachtree outings; the unissued "You Can't Stop A Woman" and the in demand "It's Not A Hurting Thing" on their compilation of the label. His Homark 45 "Strange Book" has also become highly collectable on the rare soul scene in the UK after the instrumental side initially got plays at the Blackpool Mecca as a new release back in 1975.

I've had a stab at a discography below:


Neptune 124 Now I Believe (In Miracles) / Will You Love Me (When I'm Old)
Stax 165 Biggest Fool In Town / Sweet Thing
Peachtree 105 Love's Not A Hurtin' Thing / Get Up Off It
Homark 0002 Strange Book / Strange Book Instr.
Homark 0004 Fon-Kin / Love Serenade


  1. Your challenge shall hopefully be met with positive returns soon. I have George's phone number and will work on getting an interview.

  2. And another for the discography: Gorgeous George and the Fabulous Three - Teach Me / Cross Every Mountain (Hale 501)

  3. Hi Brian

    Great to see you taking up the challenge LOL!!!

    Thanks for the disco addition



  4. Wow, glad I ran into this site. Odell has been around in the Atlanta area and College Park, Ga for quite some time. He had a tailoring business there and outfits a lot of stars ie. Steve Harvey, The Isley Brothers and many others. He was touring around with some of the Soul Groups and was working with Ronald Isley and brothers. He has been onstage in the Atlanta area with The Isleys when they come to the city. Hopefully, as I saw the above stated comment, you have heard from him by now. THANK YOU MUCH!

  5. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I remember seeing Gorgeous George as M.C. for so many rythym and blues reviews in the 60's. He would introduce the acts and call himself, 'the most beautiful man in the world'even before Ali, and he always dressed so sharp, even better than most of the acts.I miss those days and performers like Bobby Bland, Al tnt Braggs, Gene Chandler, Freddie Scott, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke. One night in Houston the police shut down the show when Sam Cooke began to sing 'Twistin the Night Away' G.G. was the M.C. ROCK MARTINEZ

  6. Thanks Anonymous, Colin and Agent45. Yes, the Greats of Sweet Soul Music will always be missed but, forever remembered! Speaking of George, during some of our conversations at his business, I would jokingly say, "George, ya know, you are so conceited", and his reply always was "no, I'm not conceited, "I'm Convinced!" He has always been quite a character. I did have privy to hear a CD that he produced, somewhere around the early 90's or, late 80's and one of the songs he did was, his version of "It took a hundred pounds of Clay" and some others whereby, he was sort of rapping about you can't keep a good woman down or, the likes. He's still got the music in him and humor also.

  7. Anonymous1:57 AM

    I worked in the record business over 20 years and run into Georgeous George in Atlanta. I was with Charlie Wilson of the "GAP BAND" and George was trying to get Charlie to order some outfits from him.He was also trying to get me to put him in touch with Freddie Jackson. George is a character, he's funny as hell, will keep you laughing and is fun to be around. He loves to talk about the past and all his experiences with all the artists he toured with back in the day.

  8. Hey Yall, I have a little tidbit to add to the conversation. I just recently, read Dionne Warrick's (not Warwick, as we were led to think) book titled, "MY LIFE" and in it's early pages, somewhere between 27-31, she mentions Gorgeous George, more than once. It seems that he was an emcee for some of her early touring events. The one that stood out, was a Henry Wynn promo with Jackie Wilson, who had a not so good, habit of appearing late for a show. Anyway, she states that on one of these appearances, Jackie,(whom we all love), was going to be a "no show" and that George was told to stand in front of a closed curtain on stage and entertain the audience, while she was rushed, (Dionne and the Band members) hustled and rushed for the bus outside!! The audience caught on that something was wrong eventually and stormed the stage and started throwing all sorts of things. As, I stated in an earlier post, I am sure that there are many other recording artists with great stories to tell regarding George but, really, He should be the one to tell it. I hope you will relay this to him on your next conversation. Linda J. Atlanta Always.

  9. I think I actually have a copy of the song "You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down"!! and, "It took a hundred pounds of Clay" By George (pun intended).

  10. George was at my house today.