Sunday, January 21, 2007

There's That Beat No 2

Dave Moore set himself a very high standard to live up to with his first edition of There's That Beat. However, I am please to report that Issue 2, which is now available, has continued and even exceeded the quality of the first.

What is exciting for me about both editions is the use of colour and the layout which give the articles so much more life than the usual - almost like a blog!!! Dave writes himself but has also enlisted the help of some knowledgeable collectors such as Chris Lalor, Rob Moss, Tommy Potts and Barrie Waddington.

The 2nd edition has excellent in depth features on Van McCoy, the Impact label, Just Brothers, Three Midniters and one on small local label releases which eventually found there way onto big company imprints and national distribution. Dave also got a scoop with one of the first features on Philly's Shirley Slaughter and her exciting new release on Weldon McDougal 111's Universal Love label. More on Shirley on my blog soon!!

If you want to get a copy then contact Dave Moore via There's That Beat.

Keep up the good work Dave!!!!

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