Saturday, January 20, 2007

El Michels Affair The PJ's Scion

Those nice people over Truth & Soul Records dropped this track in my package when I recently purchased something from them. The track is from an advanced sampler for the next El Michels Affair album.

El Michels Affair are a retro-funk outfit from Brooklyn that specializes in authentic reproductions of classic Wu-Tang backing tracks in addition to their own original material. The nine-piece group was formed in 2003 by pianist/organist Leon Michels, who had been working with Phillip Lehman’s Soul Fire label up until then.

I haven't been able to find out too much information on the group. Michels formed his own label Truth and Soul, and the band released a solid debut CD in 2005 "Sounding Out The City".El Michels Affair music is usually groovy instrumental tracks with tight grooves giving an early 70's feel. Recently the group has been working with Raekwon and other members of the Wu-Tang to provide live support and the new CD has come out of that collaboration.

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