Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funk For Sinners

Cies over at Just Moving On Blog has posted a fine podcast called Funk For Sinners:

After reading and listening to Kevin Kiley's "Soul For Sinners" at Sir Shambling over and over again I got the idea of putting together a "Funk For Sinners" podcast as a kind of companion volume to "Soul For Sinners". Kevin chose 20 of the most soulful gospel songs out of the SongBird/Peacock/ABC stable with a maximum of 3 songs by a single artist. I've selected 20 of the funkiest gospel songs out of the same catalogue with a maximum of 3 by a single artist.
As the people of the Numerogroup in the liner notes of
"Good God. A Gospel Funk Hymnal" wrote 'Gospel Funk is a genre in the same way that deep soul or acid folk are, created by collectors and enthusiasts as a way to define a subsection of another genre'.

In the 1970's there wasn't an artist who considered himself a 'gospel funketeer'. From the mid- to late seventies many a gospel artist tried to get his message across in the then 'current' sound as they and their predecessors had done in the past. And the 'current' sound was Funk in the second half of the seventies. The sound that was getting the feet moving on Saturday Night at the nightclubs was getting the same feet moving on Sunday Morning at the local church.

You can download and/or subscribe to the podcasts:

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