Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leroy Hutson Interview On WRIR

If you missed the show you can listen again here:

Leroy Hutson on WRIR

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  1. Hello IDR,

    I only just discovered Hutson... what a mighty dude! Thanks for this link, I'll be listening to that show soon as I get a moment. I'm hoping they play 'Lucky Fellow',

    I'd also like to share this with your readers:

    The Earth Disciples were a very obscure band - unsdeservedly so, as I'm sure you'll agree, if you know them - who released one album, Getaway Train, on Sonny Lester's Solid State label, in 1969. A fantastic blend of instrumental funk, soul, jazz and rock, with a dreamily psychedelic edge, it's a real lost gem.

    I learned of them via the 4BB blog (now invite only), which lead to me buying both their album and the accompanying 45. I've written an article on the album, recently published in the UK. Some info that didn't get into the article can be found here:

    I'm corresponding with the drummer and bassist, and we're hoping to get the Earth Disciples back on the tracks some time soon, so watch out for further developments over at the funky goat blog, and if you're interested in the band get in touch via my blog comments area,

    cheers, the goat