Friday, January 27, 2006

African Beavers Find My Baby RCA

This is as dirty as you can get - Find My Baby is a driving R&B type uptempo number with some great call and response singing from reputedly Tony Fox and Larry Hale. They growl and scream over a wild backing of crisp drumming and insane beat style guitar similar to early garage or Beefheart! Flip it over and Jungle Fever continues in same vein. There is a second 45 on RCA by the group You Got Something/Night Time Is The Right Time.

Last year, I managed to obtain the Billboard advert for the 45 courtesy of EBay which had a picture of the combo.


  1. Hi John

    Thanks for the memory and dropping by!

    I also need to determine whether Tony Fox and Larry Hale were the lead singers - someone told me they read this back in the 60's but again we cannot source the info!

  2. My source also tells me that Larry Hale and Larry Cappell are one of the same???? I love Larry Cappell's River Of Soul on RCA - I will be doing a feature about it because of the name of one of my other blogs!!!

  3. LaTisha Mitchum9:39 AM

    larry hale is my dad. the fairly light skinned guy to the right of the pic, holding the weird instrument. his real name is james mitchum. he drowned when i was almost 2, in 1973. he sung the song "shout and do the duck".

  4. Steve S.4:58 PM

    That"s a Bongo he's holding.

  5. Tia Mitchum7:45 PM

    Anyone have any recent information on The African Beavers? My dad's real name is James E. Mitchum, originally born in James Brown town of Augusta, Ga. He spent plenty of time in Harlem, New York. I'm not sure what his alias was, however I am sure he was one of the two lead singers in the group. However, Tony Fox has yet to email me any information but leads people to believe he's singing both parts. My dad drowned in a boating accident in 1973. He is buried in Macon, Georgia at Woodlawn Cemetary. He died a month before my 2nd birthday. He as married to my mother, Shirley A. mitchum at the time. I just wanna know who he is. Can someone help me??

  6. Please contact me asap. James was my first cousin.

    The correct spelling of his last name is "Mitcham"

    His uncle Was the late Wilbur Mitcham

    I am the keeper of the family's history

    Zachery Mitcham

  7. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Just to clarify tony fox, larry hale and larry cappell are all the same person and both
    Leads are him singing. However he is not pictured on the album cover at all.