Sunday, January 08, 2006

Adventurers Postcript

A friend Nick Sands from London has supplied me with some additional information on the Adventurers lineup from their Columbia album which was called Can't Stop Twisting. There are some original songs and a couple of covers on the album which can be best described as aimed at the early 60's teen dance market

The lineup was Gerald Perry, Walter Simmons, Eddie Johnson (tenors), Jay Jackson (baritone), Mack Willliams and James Wickers (basses) with Wickers also playing guitar.

It is interesting to note the album was issued in the UK with a different cover on Phillips with the same title. Phillips obviously thought it a better marketing ploy to place an attractive young white woman on the cover rather than 6 young black Americans. This direct discrimination in marketing continued in to the 70's in the UK with black American product.

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