Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jimmy Radcliffe Sitting Room Soul

This is a set of what I can only presume were backing tracks for Jimmy's vocals which are either missing or were never laid down.

I would think from the stlye that the first 2 tracks were recorded in late 68 because they sound very influenced by the American/Fame sound.

Again, I wonder whether Eric's Gale, Turnpike To Coney Island ( would have loved to hear a vocal to this one) and Eric's Kugel may have been for a film alongside One Night In Harlem?

The tracks are:-

Save Me
The Penguin Funky Chicken Bump
Eric's Gale
Turnpike To Coney Island
One Night In Harlem
(A reprise of the track on the Complete Man CD)
Climb Every Mountain
Eric's Kugel

All the songs were written by Jimmy except Roger and Hammerstein's Climb Every Mountain.

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