Sunday, December 30, 2007

Al Williams 111 Heart Song

Now I am listening to Mick O'Donnell's Soul Discovery which reminded me about the above album which I heard first on his show.

You can pick it up from CD Baby:

“Heart Song” is the latest offering from sax and flute man, Al Williams III. Produced by one of the most talented all around musicians in the business, John Stoddart, the CD contains eleven tracks of groovin’, soulful sax and flute propelled by the finest rhythm section players in the business. Spyro Gyra’s Scott Ambush (bass) and Tom Shuman (keys) appear on the Ambush penned “Skyline Drive”. Drummer/Producer Eric Valentine makes a strong appearance on several tracks along with bassists Alex Al, David Dyson and Chris Kent. Gorgeous, soulful vocals are delivered by jazz festival headliner Ron Gutierrez and producer John Stoddart. Enjoy great performances by trumpeter Aaron Broadus, guitarist Michael Ripoll and a host of others. Add to that a final mix by Dave Rideau, and “Heart Song” by Al Williams III is one killer CD.

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  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    One of the best this year !!!!!!!
    Bob Chatfield
    WHDD-FM 91.9
    Sharon, Ct