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Soul Discovery Top 10's for 2007

This year, one of my listening delights has been Mick O'Donnell's Soul Discovery.

The blurb on Radio 209's website sums it up perfectly for me:

Mick's enthusiasm for the music, the mixture of music styles played, the telephone interviews with the artists and the guests in the studio who are mainly collectors/DJs gives the show a great feel and personality.

Mick asked several of his regular guests to contribrute their top 10's for 2007 which are listed below:

Brian Goucher (Soul Essence)

Theryl “Love makes the world go round”
Parker’s “This worlds gone mad”, .
Choklate “ Incredible”
Kameela “ Nothing Else” Kashious “ All over again”
Big Joe “Just walk away”
Tad Robinson “Aint that loving you”
David Sea “Hook up to the heart”,
Ann Nesby “This could be love”
Oak III “All about staying together”.

Steve Dolan (

Bigg Joe "Running Back To Me"
Kashious "To Make A Difference"
Floyd Taylor "Sweet Love"
Mr. Sam "I'm Coming Home"
Lil Falley "I Wanna Make Love 2 U"
Lola "Don't Go Away"
Oak III "Yes I Do"
Onyx 1 Ft Terrence Forsythe "You Never Fail To Amaze Me"
Vick Allen "Good Love"
Special "Girlfriend To Girlfriend"

Mike Ward
Lori Jenaire “Fruition” The Whole Album
G.Cole “Something Special”
Terry Cumming “Right Time” Live
KJ “Hey You”
Micehelle Taylor “One Look”
Laura “What Kinda Love”
Devon “Keep it Real”
Neysa “Touch Me”
June Rochelle “This Christmas”

Mark Houghton (New Chapter)
Al McDaniel -They Don`t Know/Very Special Lady (CPA)
Trudy Lynn - You`re The Only One (Sawdust Alley)
Embers - The Last Time I`m Saying Goodbye (Bluewater)
Duhart/Katz - Get My Swerve On (Cribnote)
Lee Fields - My World/Love Comes and Goes (Truth and Soul)
Power - Once Upon A Time (in love with you/ Get Your Love (Power)
Sharon McMahan -When Will Love Come To Me (So.Calitown)
Simone De - Since I Lost You Baby/Show Me (Premiere/Selecta)
Darryl Askew - We Can Make It (DAS)
Kashious - Starting All Over Again/Bad Luck (Gordon)
Patrick Harris- Missin` Your Love (Lyn-Rome)
Theryl "Houseman" DeCloet - Love Makes The World Go Round (Theryl "Houseman" DeCloet)
Chris Jasper - Invincible (Gold City)
LJ Reynolds -So Good (Born again)
Al Hughes - Turned Around (Kat)
Joint Heir - Your Love Is Amazing (Joint Heir)
Lola (featuring William Bell) - Shake Hands (Wilbe)
Clifford Thompson - Baby Don`t Hold Back (Goldwax)
Eric Cross -Oh Baby (Eric Cross)
Earl Gaines-Let Me Live My Life (Blue- FYE)

Mark Merry

This Worlds Gone Mad - Parker - This Worlds Gone Mad - Moe Soul
The Last Time I,m Saying Goodbye - The Embers - Show Must Go On - Bluewater Records
All About Staying Together - Oak III - Sweet & Nasty - Oak III
Missing Your Love - Patrick Harris - Long Time Coming - Lyn Rome
Baby If You Only Knew - Euge Groove Featuring Jeffrey Osbourne - Born To Groove - Narada
Love Comes & Goes - Lee Fields - Truth & Soul
Surprise Surprise - Sterling Harrison - South Of The Snooty Fox - Hacktone
Woman / I Forgot Too Remember - Floyd Taylor - You Still Got It - Malaco
Take Everything In - Angie Stone - The Art Of Love & War - Stax
Can You Feel Me - Howard Hewett - If Only - Machine Production
Eddie Hubbard (

George Jackson “Walking the city streets” (Kent CD 2007)
Cavaliers “Living in the land of heartaches” (Kent CD)
Angie Stone “Here we go again” (Stax CD)
Anne Nesby - Step Chaka Khan “Angel”
Debi Dixon “In love always”
Larry Hamilton “You can have it your way”
Bobby Warren “The time has come for us to be free”
Trudy Lynn “You're the only one”
Lesli Valentine “Love on a two way street” (Tears full of Soul CD)

Mike Charlton

Michael Rainey “Wrapped Too Tight (If He Ain't)” (Rainey CD 2006)
Butch Williams “Keep On Lovin' Me (The Way You Do)” (Williams CD 2007)
Parker 'This World's Gone Mad' (Moesoul CD 2007)
The Fantastic Four “Loving You Is Hurting Me” (Motown) 'Cellarful Of Motown Vol. 3 CD 2007
Jimmie Delphs “Do You Know What I Mean” (S.S..I ‘45’ 1977)
Rozetta Johnson “You Better Keep What You Got (Shotgun ‘45’ 2007)
David Lenyard & The Music “It’s Never To Late” (Flying Eagles ‘45’ 1975)
George Jackson “Walking the city streets” (Kent CD 2007)
Mark IV “Signs of a dying love” (OBT 12’ 1977)
Lee Fields “At the end of the day” (Promo 2007 )


Wahoo - Don't Take It Personal (Fine) 12"
April Hill - The Search (Soulbrother) cd album
Raw Artistic Soul feat Jon Gibbons - In Their Eyes (Gogo) cd album
Jafrosax - Grow (Konami) cd album
Darlene McCoy - Unity (EMI Gospel) cd album
Floyd Taylor - Sweet Love (Malaco) cd album
Terry Hunter feat Terisa Griffin - Wonderful (Soul Heaven) 12" Remix
Angie Stone feat James Ingram - My People (Stax) cd album
Phil Perry - The World Is A Ghetto (Shanachie) cd album
Robert Owens & Dj Spen - A Greater Love (MN2S) 12"
Colin Brown

Jackie Moore - Tired Of Hiding - Kayvette
Ted Taylor - Something Strange Going On In My House - Ronn Records.
Julius Williams and Indeya - Together As One - So.Co. Records.
Prime Time - I Owe It To Myself - Total Experience.
Ronnie Dyson - The More You Do It.. - Columbia.
Gwen McCrae - Lead Me On - Columbia.
We The People - Right Now - Lion Records.
Betty Wright - If Ever I Do Wrong - Alston Records.
Jimmy Johnson - Don`t Answer The Door - Magnum Records.
Ike and Tina Turner - Hurt Is All You Gave Me - Modern Records.
Steve Plumb

Mary Gresham – I’ll never let you walk alone – Soundscape CD
Young Devines – Ain’t that sharp – Note
Detroit Emeralds – Long live the king – Westbound LP
Wali Ali – (Oh) I need your lovin’ – Jobete LP
Jerry Butler – The best love I ever had – Phil Int 45
French Coffey – Nothing from nothing – Pick a Hit
Teeah Louise – You happened to me – Coastal
Jesse Butler – Let my love bring out the woman in you – Southbound LP
Insights – I need your loneliness – Palmetto
Tapestry – It’s not the world that’s messed up – Capitol
Mick Gynn

Yolanda Rabun “I want to love u (Saxony)
Euge Groove Featuring Jeffrey Osbourne “Baby If You Only Knew”(Narada)
Tamara Stovall “After love is gone” (Positive)
Leni Holmes “Treat your woman right” (Backstreet)
Butch Williams “Keep on lovin me the way you do” (Star Gazer)
Toast “It’s just an illusion” (Charm City)
Central “Power system-Master plan” (A Jan A)
Jimmie “Okera Hightower” “Love & Live” (BCN)
The Upperhand Band “Get it together” (Spy)
Star Fire & Atkins All Star “Oh Baby” (AAS)
Some fine music there both new and old.
Please note that I have not included Paul Mooney's contribution because I will be featuring his in more detail later today.

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