Sunday, December 16, 2007

Club 321 in Santa Monica 31/1/08


  1. Wasn't there a club 321 on Santa Monica in the 80's? I could be wrong about the street, but I remember a Club 321 from way back.

  2. Hi Peter

    Sorry cannot help - don't know Santa Monica that well!!!


  3. Yes 321 Club was there back in the 80's I was there just about every weekend, It was a 3 level night club, the main area which was below street level played differnt music from the middle level. the top level was suited with a couch and a bar, pretty much where you went to make out at. It was a hot club if you were under 18. I can recall many nights I would walk down the stair well to the bottom dance floor a little wasted. I miss that place. Unfortunatley after the big earthquake it damaged the building and the club closed... I think now it's Hooters or something dumb like that

  4. Yes 321 Club was there back in the 80's I was there just about every weekend, It was a 3 level night club, the main area which was below street level played differnt music from the middle level. the top level was suited with a couch and a bar, pretty much where you went to make out at. It was a hot club if you were under 18. I can recall many nights I would walk down the stair well to the bottom dance floor a little wasted. I miss that place. Unfortunatley after the big earthquake it damaged the building and the club closed... I think now it's Hooters or something dumb like that

  5. yup...321 santa monica blvd..though the locals called it alot of who was a regular would know the names..GOODTIMES..i miss it thurs fri and sat

  6. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Oh maaaan! Those were the days! I was there almost evryday..My crew and I were let in by the owner to for free to get things started...It was awesome. "Dequinos", Pozers, Creepers, Those were some of the dancing crews back in those days...Some of them turn into vandals but that's another story.My Crew was kool...It was all about dancing, dressing up,hooking up and partying all night and figuring out a way to get back home when the club closed...Anybody outhere from Dequinos???This is Danny aka "Cisco Kid" What's up?

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Remember " The Pleasure Boyz?" Look me up on fb.. love to reconnect.

  7. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I was there I hung out with the dequinos, my homie Fish was a bad ass at poppping. We that being all fourty of us had some great times at that club. The owners son Reed, went to my high school not that this made him cool but he was allright.The pozers were not a dance crew,some guy name steve and some other guy whos name I cant remember started the pozers. anyways those were the best nights of my life....

  8. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Yes, I remember 321. My girls and I would go dressed in all black and occasionally spiked our bangs. We were so cute and would get in for free - wouldn't it be fun if someone did a 321 reunion party??? If yes, invite me and I'll invite my girls!!!

  9. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I cant believe i just stumbled across this, I haven't thought about 321 in a long, long time.

    I practically lived there, I was 15 living with my girlfriend in Venice back then. (Long Story)

    I knew Fish and the rest of the crews and Pozers were not a dance crew, if I remember correctly the other guy who started Pozers was Ramon and there was lilo or something like that.

    I used to hang with a group of us called Dough Boyz. I can still remember partying on top of the parking structures before going in.

    Great memories.

  10. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Three Tuna Young as I remember it. Aw, those were the days. Spud Boys forever, ha-ha.

  11. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Dude, Did someone say a 321 Reunion? I am all hears! Count me in...My poor wife hear about my stories from this clud almost every other month when I am feeling melancholic - Yeah, Fish, Dutchman, el nino, and whole bunch others who I can't remember...oh yeah, it just came to me, scrap face, we whould practice our routine...we were even contracted to be on the pewee the herman video...Shout out the my crew back then --> 321 DeQuinos, If anybody outhere give me a shout,
    Danny aka Cisco kid.

  12. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Yes, I remember 321 very well from the 80's, and it was 321 Santa Monica Blvd. So, it is a Hooters now?

  13. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Holy shit!! I can not believe I just found this sight. I so remember Fish. My friends and I use to be there every weekend. No club today can compare to the clubs in the 80s. And did I seriously just read a comment from "spud boys". Good old Manhattan Beach. I know who that is.......lmao!! It's me Denise.

  14. Anonymous10:19 PM

    POZERZ went from club crew to PRZ13, mostly from inglewood. they turned pretty rough. I remeber seeing wino (TK) one late night burglarizing a house in SM. Ramon has done OK for himself. It was black and white. cartoon, outlaw, strano used to all hang out

    cool people

  15. Hi my name is Joe Norero and people used to call me “Joe Felix” I used to work at 321 Club with my friend/roommate Jergan. I was able to see the during the days when we would work on things there to get it ready for the next nights opening.
    I was best friends with Fish (Deandre Fish Flemming).We (Dequinos) would hangout with Marcos, Scaps & fish and others that would come out the club. We used to go everywhere in Los Angeles. Westwood as well.
    It was about being with friends and doing thing like finding good clubs, Drinking and hooking up with girls. And there were plenty of them.
    The DJ (Jett) would play music from everything like Egyptian Lover, Pet Shop Boys, La Dream team. They were the best of times for sure.
    A tragic gang related event happened when a group of Asians came to the club and one of their girlfriends started to dance with us (Dequinos) and one of them got angry and out of hand. They started fighting and got their buts kicked. They left (or were kicked out) After the night was over one of the Dequinos (Jeff I think) was walking out of the club and a yellow car pulled up and the door open and a guy leaned forward from the back seat and shot Jeff with a shotgun and killed him. Most of us went to the funeral because he was our friend and we missed him allot.
    Fish (Deandre Fish Flemming) and myself started a hip hop group called “BeBop Bedlam”. It around the time when Beastie Boys first came out along with LL Cool J and Run DMC released “Tricky”. Our band consisted of 3 MCs(Fish, Jeb and myself), Beatbox (Ian B)and Moise who would come out and do metal guitar tracks for us. I forget his other bands name but they were punk and shredded. We put together some track and Jeb got us a real manager and we went to an audition with Tom DeSimone who was the director for Angel III the movie. We had a song called Five-O which had a part in the lyrics that said:
    “What about Holly everything was jolly, she hit the pipe now she runs around with molly. She used to know it all now she stumbles and falls. She used to be a pro and the game volleyball. She met up with Larry he taught her how to carry now she’s known in town to be as fresh as strawberries… She’s to the curb.” – Fish
    Man did I love that song and so did the producer and we got the job in the movie. We got to perform in it on Venice Beach board walk in front of a live audience. We did so good the crowd applauded both times we performed it with only a beatbox acapela.
    We also would go to a club on Wilshire Blvd called Madam Wongs. I knew people that worked there and we would get in all the time. I had tapes with our beats and would be able to play a few songs during breaks from the bands. I know show we did where the audience was there to see a metal band play and we went on and played a few songs. The people went nuts and were not even into our style of music but saw real lyrics and music from the heart. When we went off stage and their band played the first it was a less intense applause for the act and I knew we had great music.
    Joe Norero!/profile.php?id=515811290

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      That night lives heavy on my heart and always has. I remember ALL OF YOU that have posted. " Fish " and I used to always look for places to stay after the club closed. ahhh those were the days. His name was Chris Jacobson. RIP.. I grew up in Westchester and graduated from Westchester High in 1985. If you remember " The Pleasure Boyz " then look me up on Fb. .. Id love to re connect with the old crew.. LMAO.. and we are getting old but our Wing Tips and Monkey Boots never got old from NaNa's.. To Your Ultimate Success

  16. Fish had some songs he wrote which soon ended up on some tracks I put together. The end products were studio produced and something to this day not truly recreated as a style of hip hop/metal style. This is an anthem for our band (Bebop Bedlam)and city called Santa Monica.

    I live in Santa Monica I like to roam. And if you don’t like it you better go home. Like Venice, Sawtelle and even the Marina. We let me tell you all that I can get meaner. Said we’re rich in houses, and even land. You come to our beach just to play in the sand. We never want cha we never will so why don’t you go and take a chill pill.
    You come to Santa Monica thinking your hard. But don’t let me catch you in my front yard. We got Clocks, couches and even TVs. But when I went to your pad all I saw were Fleas. I went to your house. I stepped on the floor, I kicked a rock and I was out the back door.
    Like a bird without wings, a cop without a gun. When your in the Monica your on the run. Your hummin your bumming you think of a lie. You try to be slick and you try to be sly. But you cant get a lady and you cant get laid. Girls run from you like roaches from raid. Your like the maid who forgot the cascade. You use the cheap brand now your gonna get slayed. Go home.
    Since I was small until I got this tall I’ve been smoking cigarettes in the high school hall. Chilling it tough with the funky fresh crew. You might not believe me but this is true. You come to our schools. Your waiting for out bettys. This time you came you thought that you were ready. You wore a hat, jacket you were under cover. You thought that you were slick that you would not be discovered. Until I saw you out the corner of my eye. Then you knew that you were gonna die. You tried to run. You tried to bone out. But my home boys caught you by the words I shout. “Santa Monica”

  17. Oh wow. I've heard of this place. Even know a little about some of the 'incidents' and the homies that hung out.

    Peace and Love to all of you...

    Jason Van Sugars - Pleasure Boys (Circa 1982)

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      OH MY GOD.. What's up Jason. This is Rich Meyers. Even still have my Pleasure Boys Tattoo in Chinese.. Remember? Look me up on Fb Lets re connect.

  18. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Great Times, used to travel from West Covina to Party there. I remember some Girl was gettn good the Couch on the upper floor.. Lmao

  19. Anonymous4:42 AM

    The story about the shooting is (a little) twisted... other than that, it is what it is, but it is.

    Jason Van Sugars

  20. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I used to hang out at 321 every weekend! Soo much fun! I remember Fish, and I remember you Jason (didn't you go to Uni for a while?), and I remember the shooting (his name was Christian). That was so tragic. I don't really remember going back a lot after that happened.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Christian Jepson Yep.. Remember him very well. He used to do " Crazy Legs " dance with Fish and Jason Sugars all the time.. That tall kid could dance.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Surprised that none of my old friends that have posted something about the 321 Club haven't said anything about NaNa's, Monkey Boots, The Oddosy Club in N. Hollywood, or all the good times on a Vespa P200e..lmao.. I stole my first one when I was 14.. Had to give it back only to get one of my own stolen a year later.. Damn carma..

  21. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Yes the story gets more and more twisted over the years!! kinda like the telephone game!! Now even with a name change and all!!
    Mark B!

  22. I created a Facebook page for 321 Club.

  23. christine10:53 PM

    How many of you remember when it was MOODYS and just the bottom was open??