Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rhythm Machine

More rare soul!!!

One of the heaviest funk records ever to come out of Indy in the 70s -- a super-dope batch of ensemble grooving with plenty of odd twists and turns! At one level, the group work in a familiar Earth Wind & Fire-styled vibe -- mixing heavy bass, funky rhythms, and lots of great horns -- but at another level, the sound is a bit freer, and often hipper -- coming across with jazzier influences on many tracks, and an overall style that's got some really righteous undercurrents! A number of tracks here are laidback and spacey -- almost cosmic in approach, but a bit more love-oriented in subject matter -- served up with some cool watery production that makes the guitar and keyboards really sound great, and some nice use of soprano sax to give the best tunes a nicely sharp edge! Titles include "You Got Action You Got Me", "Lil's Place", "Put A Smile On Time", "Thought My Love Was Free", "Can't Do Without You", Dusty Groove

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