Sunday, December 16, 2007

Floyd Lawson & Hearts Of Stone Coming Out

It is great to see obscure albums still getting issued - here's another.

A rare second album from Floyd Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone -- recorded half a decade after the group's more famous album on Motown -- and with a very different, very funky sound! The grooves here show a lot more influence of the mid 70s soul scene -- and although the harmonies still get a fair bit of focus, the rhythms do too -- and a number of the cuts here have a tight funky sound that's quite different than the group's sweeter soul from before. The instrumentation is quite strong overall -- played in an ensemble mode with echoes of New York and Miami funk, particularly the more upbeat mode of the latter half of the 70s. A number of cuts here are covers, and titles include great versions of "K Gee", "Theme From Swat", "Oil In The Ground", "That's The Way I Like It", "Rated X", "Only Takes A Minute", and "Sunshine". Dusty Groove

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