Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Soul Explosion Love Is The Answer Tramp

I've received a message from Tobias over at Tramp Records about a new release on the label:

Title: Love is the answer / Barn yard pimp

Fmt: 7” Single (45rpm)

Release Date: December 10th, 2007

In the late 60s/early 70s many American soldiers were stationed all over germany. Among those where musicians who played in several army bands like the “East of Underground” which recorded a now sought after album after they had won the special services entertainment showband contest held in Frankfurt in 1971. Nobody knows which other bands participated in this contest, maybe also The Soul Explosion which were stationed in Augsburg, Upper Bavaria. Around the same time, a man named Charles Held opened a club in Augsburg town called “Tarantel”. Furthermore he was running a record label of the same name on which he released a handful of 7” singles from different, local bands, mainly not funky at all though. The Soul Explosion’s release remains the only one in the field of american soul & funk music. The band recorded a fantabulous double-sider, one deep-funk side with a soulful ballad on the flip which makes both hardcore funk and soul collectors happy. Unfortunately there is no more information available about the band, only that they even performed live at the “Tarantel” club.

As on our last release we decided to make collectors happy again, that’s why we pressed two different issues. The regular issue reads ‘Tramp’ as the label, the strictly limited promo copies (300 pressed) comes with the original ‘Tarantel’ label artwork.

Thanks for looking, Tobias @ Tramp Records

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